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If you'd told me a few months ago that I would be in the space I'm in now, I wouldn't have been able to imagine it. I am so so grateful to you for your insight, empathy, patience & just all round awesomeness 😊 thank you for everything that you've done for me, my world is a better place because of you and I miss you already, even though I know I'll be OK without you 🤗I was referred to Renee by a professional, whom l would trust with my life, with a very specific issue. She treated me with kindness and compassion. The crisis that l was in cleared up completely and l got back on my my feet, but not only did that happen, other aspects of my life was also guided without me asking for it. My life truly was transformed and I cannot thank Renee enough.

I have been seeing Renee over the last year for her shamanic sessions, and have found that they greatly reduce anxiety, provide an immense sense of clarity and healing, and a beautiful connection to the spirit. But what makes these sessions particularly beneficial is the access to Renee’s wealth of experience and knowledge. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find someone else with such an incredible understanding of trauma, who offers guidance and support in such a non-judgemental and skilled way.


" After many recommendations to go to Renee, I finally buckled... and wish I did sooner. Thank you for providing me with the life skills that empower me to move forward in a cognitive way that is healing for myself and others around me. You have shown me that every day is a gift, a solid gift. My life came together after meeting you. Thank you."



"Renee Shearing has changed my life around completely.

I was an addict for over 25 years & with Renee's help, working through a bit of talk therapy as well as a lot of T.R.E., I have been clean for  a year.

I have had absolutely no  wobbles or negative thoughts at all !

I believe this ground breaking treatment that Renee provides has been hugely beneficial to me.

It has changed myself,my family & my friend life.

Renee, thank you so much for allowing me to live again  "

"Before I saw Renée Shearing I was physically very ill for years and had no more hope.

We started off with TRE sessions and then moved on to EMDR sessions later.

I seriously have to say that it was a blessing to have found her.

I was correctly diagnosed for the first time in 5 years and felt improvement in a short time.

If it was not for this treatment and Renée Shearing, I would not be able to write this right now.

I can now start to live and enjoy my life again, something I thought was not possible. 

I am forever grateful"

"Hi! Just read your article on exercise addiction in Fitness mag Hope you are well! Thank you for saving my life and my sanity.  "clean" and binge-purge free since I last saw you in September. Life is very good and I have transformed into the authentic version of me! Amazing sense of freedom."

"Just wanted to write to tell you that I've continued doing TRE by myself. It's working wonders for me...I really feel my body's reaction to my usual phobia triggers have diminished in a big way. It's such a strange feeling. I just inexplicably feel a hundred times less scared. Thank you so much for teaching me about it!"

"I can never put into words how much Renee changed my life by teaching me TRE.
I suffer from Psoriasis: a life-long auto-immune disease, with no cure, as the doctors put it.
I was covered from head to toe, my hair was falling out, I couldn’t sleep at night because Psoriasis is painful, uncomfortable and relentless. I never wanted to leave my house. My work life, social life and love life all looked like they were grinding to a halt. I didn’t want to get up in the morning and found myself crying more than smiling.
My Psoriasis was triggered by a trauma that talking about just made worse. I was so desperate for help but didn’t know what to do. I went to multiple dermatologists and specialist doctors and they all told me the same thing: Cortisone was the only thing that could help a person with Psoriasis as severe as mine and that I would have to be on it for life!
Then I met Renee and the transformation began. The difference once I started TRE was so marked I still cry (with happiness and relief) when I think about it! Renee saw that my adrenal and cortisol levels were high (two key players in my auto-immune disease) and that we could lower these through the TRE Exercises!
I won’t bore you with my amazing revelations and the beautiful process, but I will tell you that EVERYONE who saw the difference in my appearance and my demeanour was amazed. I use TRE on a regular basis now and will continue to do so, not because I “need” to, but because now that I have discovered TRE, I think that everyone could benefit from it in ways they can’t imagine!
I feel grateful on a consistent basis for the amazing gift that Renee gave me! I will never be able to thank her enough for helping me and for being such a wonderful source of love, support, guidance and a firm hand when I needed it. Thank you Renee."


“Arriving at Renee in her beautiful practice– a complete mess, where I wasn’t even able to string a sentence together without getting upset. I was anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, stressed and just in a very bad head space where I couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t go to work without crying and felt very alone.

Renee took one look at me and said “Have you heard about TRE” since then I have never looked back. No need to talk, and all the need to heal your body through doing what your body is meant to do to deal with emotions, stress, anxiety, depression etc. From the first session I felt back to normality and have just grown from strength to strength by learning this simple technique. I would highly recommend TRE to anyone and everyone. 

TRE has turned my life around for the best and life just seems to be getting better each day.

Thank you so much Renee – a dedicated therapist, with life changing results!”

"Thank you - in a big way. I’m struggling to find the words to express my gratitude. Thank you for helping me find my smile again  its been a 15 year struggle and my family is finally happier.

The support of the sessions from you and the TRE has truly changed my life as well as my husband. The sessions have really helped me understand how to deal with my anxiety on a daily basis.

You were very helpful, compassionate and helped me feel more confident about how to deal with my problems. TRE taught me the skills to disregard my negative thought patterns effectively, without which I would not have been able to get through a very difficult period.

You offered quiet, calm and pleasant rooms to spend time in. The conversations I had with you were always constructive and I felt able to measure my own progress after every session.

The key issues that were troubling me, TRE really help. I was eventually able to move past the sense of emotional blockage that had led me to seek therapy in the first place. If ever I have further problems, you and your practice would be the first I contact."

I don’t have words that express what I have gained and continue to gain from my time with Renee. My experience can only be described as life changing and expansive. I never understood the value of achieving a good-feeling body and mind until I began my therapy with Renee. When I reflect back on my very first session; I was ruled by fear; a theme that was poignant and prevalent in all spheres of my life. Through conversations and alternate therapeutic tools such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), I continue to learn how to release all that is blocking me and give up fear. I leave each session with a sense of relief that facilitates positive thoughts, attitude and overall well-being. Renee has taught me invaluable skills that I am able to use in all life areas; my body and wellness, career and home, relationships and society, and essence and spirituality. I now recognize my inner guidance system; and have learnt to listen and respect my inner being, love myself and focus on that of which I desire. Renee remains a friend, therapist and teacher. Through her open heart, tremendous skill, experience and wisdom; I am learning to deal with whatever shows up; shift my thinking and experience ultimate happiness



I worked with Renee from early 2006 to late 2008. I was in complete awe of her, and still regard with a deep respect and appreciation for both her abilities as a therapist, and her understanding of addiction, counselling, training and management. 

 I found her to be capable of making the right decisions even when under significant pressure to take an easier, more cost effective route when she ran a treatment programme. She trained me up as a counsellor and supervised me throughout the process.

I also had the pleasure of working with her in groups, as well as observing her design and manage a secondary addiction treatment program. I watched her take an old bed and breakfast and transform it into one of the most effective treatment programmes in South Africa. 

Her most outstanding qualities are that she has firm boundaries, yet is completely fair-minded and empathic; she is always aware of the various crises that may arise and plans in advance to address these – creating a safe, containing and structured environment. She is never enabling or collusive. 

I benefitted tremendously from her supervision, she helped shape my understanding of my role with clients; she guided me to anticipate, understand and attend to my clients needs – both in an inpatient and an outpatient setting. During the design stages of my outpatient adolescent program she helped me create the structure of the program. I incredibly disappointed when she relocated to Cape Town and we terminated our professional relationship

Natalie McKowen

SAC-MAC Adolescent Outpatient Programme (083-395-0377)


"I owe a huge part of my success through my 5 years of recovery to Renee. She helped me break the denial that barred me from having a meaningful life. I learnt to trust and take responsibility and I continue to gain support and insight from her." -Grateful Addict


 "I came to be in therapy with Renee at a very chaotic time in my life. I was at the height of my eating disorder and involved in a very toxic relationship with a using heroin addict. I was completely lost and enveloped in my sickness. Renee was incredibly professional. She first explained what her limitations as a therapist might be - which I really respected. What is funny, is that I experienced her as being exactly what I needed and could find no fault in her. I found her to be incredibly supportive. I have had several therapist, some of whom claim to specialise in eating disorders, and no one has ever come close to having the insight Renee had into my eating disorder and the exact nature of my behaviour, motivations, struggles and insanity. She was also equipped with solutions, not only was she practical she also used other kinds of deeper therapy, so I felt I was working with the problem as well as the cause. She helped me understand the choices I was making and assisted me seeing the whole pictures so that I was better able to make my own decisions. The result of therapy is that I am free from my eating disorder; I am more balanced; I released my relationship; I am approaching life with a more positive attitude and I feel incredibly grateful."  



I was admitted into my 9th treatment for addiction in October 2010 and was assigned Renée as my counsellor. It was clear from the very start that she was not going to tolerate my addictive behaviour and in a very matter of fact way, explained that she would shine a spot light on the parts of my illness which needed exposing. I had hit rock bottom in terms of my using of crystal meth and other drugs and was willing to follow direction. I wanted recovery – and Renée explained that she “knew the quickest route” and that I needed to trust her. But it’s hard to trust anyone when you come from a place of severe dysfunction and chaotic relationships caused by years of drug abuse. She was not subtle...and for this I am incredibly grateful, because my life had reached a terminal stage in unmanageability.

I went to a prominent boy’s school and had a bright future ahead of me. I never expected nor intended to end up as a drug dealer, trafficking drugs overseas and ending up in Pollsmoor Prison. My family had disowned me and I spent months in a chemically induced psychosis from which I very narrowly escaped. In one year I went from earning top money in a dynamic job, travelling overseas, to sleeping in the back of a broken down bakkie on the side of the streets. I did not need subtlety – I needed help. Direct. Harsh. Real. It was the end of the line for me. So I began to trust Renée and began to learn to first let go of the addictive ways which were keeping me locked inside a repetitive nightmare, and then learn new ways of living in recovery from addiction.

She has been the one person who has been able to show me how to respond in a significantly different and vital way to life without the use of mind or mood altering chemicals. I have had such amazing results with Renée that I have continued my sessions with her on a private basis. She has walked me through the end of an incredibly abusive relationship, through court cases, through my fears of creating new opportunities in work and dealing with stress. She continually reminds me that there is a path which leads directly to health and recovery, reminding me that she knows the way, and that any diversion from the path, will waste time. Time is something which is incredibly valuable to me today – as I know too well the pain of wasted years spent in addictive torment.

Tools given by my work with Renee have granted me freedom from deeply ingrained behaviours and allowed me so much more time and energy to enjoy my life. Renée teaches me that if it’s not’s not spiritual. Together we continue to build a practical tool kit which I use on a daily basis.

"From Day 1 of my recovery, Renee has been an excellent introductory guide to my new way of living. 

As an individual on/over the brink of insanity for many years, reaching me was a daunting task by any standards- She believed in me when I did not think there was much worth saving of myself.

She has been able to reach me through my darkest depressions, and has helped me to communicate better in the real world. I have found ways of reaching alternate conclusions to previously overwhelming situations.

Renee has taught me the tools I need, and use on a regular basis to stay vigilant in my continued struggle with addiction, co-dependence and certain tendencies towards borderline personality.

It is over 2 years down the line now. Our appointments are far less frequent, but we meet often enough to identify each new set of risks and challenges as they arrive.

My recovery has been in no way perfect, with many a bump and wrong turn. So most importantly I would like to say, that she has made me realise that I am never alone, mistakes can be remedied, and that patience with, and respect for myself and those I surround myself with- makes the process a lot easier.

I have my life back because of the work Renee has done with me, I am sincerely grateful for all of it, and very happy to feel alive again.

I wish her all the best, and recommend her highly to anyone who wants to find answers and clarity, when everything seems to have come crashing down."



I found Renee after a Google search on the internet. It was a time I was feeling at my lowest. My husband had told me I was "ruining our marriage" by making "unreasonable" demands, and I went to Renee to get help with making more "reasonable" demands so that I could "save the marriage". I knew I needed a therapist who specialised in addiction and family members of addicts, as although my husband no longer drank, the dynamic in our relationship was the same. Renee is no soft touch. She cares deeply, but she is not just a warm bosom, who will nod and say "shame" and take your side. She challenges. She probes. She is not afraid to guide you when you are going off the path. She knows her stuff. She knows addicts; and she knows the people who live with them. Through a mixture of challenges and probing, Renee pushed me to a point where I could confront what was really happening in my life: my husband had another ugly addiction that he had hidden from me and our children for years. By the time I walked away from Renee's rooms several months and buckets full of tears later, I had a totally different view of myself, my husband, my marriage, and in short.. the world. Renee had helped me to see what I had not been able to before: that I had a voice, that I had needs, and that I deserved to voice my feelings and needs, and be heard. And that none of that was unreasonable. And that I had choices. She helped me set firm boundaries with my husband and enforce them. She helped me not to accept the unacceptable. She helped me find the help to heal my family. She showed me how to take care of me and to grow. I would not be where I am today without Renee: in touch with myself, my feelings, my desires, connected. If you're an addict looking to really change (and not just playing at recovery) or someone living with an addict, I really really recommend Renee. I am not in therapy now, but I really miss her...


"I met Renee while in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. I am now 4 years clean, and therapy sessions with her have quite literally saved my life. Renee, your commitment to my process has been remarkable and to say the least, life changing. I have learnt to embrace life with a newfound integrity, and have overcome many challenging moments with your help and guidance. You have always provided me with a very safe place for to get honest and to share my stuff. Our sessions give me the serenity to deal with life on a daily basis. I feel privileged and blessed. Thank you."

"Renee has a fresh, no-nonsense approach to life that has helped me see things in a practical way. In addition, however, she has done all the emotional hand-holding I have needed to deal with some of life's biggest challenges. She has sensible advice on relationships and parenting, as well as tremendous experience dealing with addiction and food issues. I can't thank her enough for her humour and warmth, and for 'giving it to me straight' when I needed it."

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