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We are all in agreement that we have a physical body.
We can also all agree that physical and emotional illness affect our physical body.
Many of us also believe and understand that prolonged stress on our physical or emotional systems can also cause illness and disease.
Some of us also understand that we are electromagnetic beings and that we have electromagnetic field around us. We have all had the experience of an angry person walking into the room and without even looking at them or touching them we can “feel” their angry energy. We say things like “I just didn’t like his energy”.
What we are “feeling” into is their energetic field. The energy field is harder to grasp as we can’t detect it using our 5 senses.
Shamanic Energy Healing focuses on the energetic field rather than the physical body. Shaman’s refer to this energy field as the Luminous Energy Field (LEF).
Shaman’s believe that illness and disease present in the energy body before they present in the physical body.
They believe that trauma imprints into in a person’s Luminous Energy Field (LEF) and unless these imprints are cleared, we will continue to experience the negative symptoms of these traumas and in some cases trauma repetition.
It is believed that imprints change the vibrational frequency of our energy field, thus organising the world around us to bring us more of the same, acting like a magnet for certain people and experiences. This offers an explanation to trauma repetition.
Shamanic Energy Healing works on the LEF to clear trauma imprints from the field. When they are cleared from the field they then in turn clear from the physical and emotional body and then free us up to natural healing and relief from negative symptoms.
No two shamanic energy healing sessions are identical, although most begin with an initial interview during which the client describes the physical and/or emotional symptoms they are experiencing, as well as problems that may be arising in their life.
I always open sacred space where I work. This creates a stable, safe environment in which to work. Next, I open my personal sacred space, or Wirracocha, around myself and my client. This is the place outside of time where all possibility exists.
A healing sessions take place in my treatment room. Treatments begin with the client on a chair and then the client moves to the treatment table. I usually ask the client to blow the “energy” of what is disturbing them into a healing stone so that it can “hold that vibration”. That stone is then placed on the energy centre (chakra) that has been found to be most affected by the issue that has been brought for healing.
I then spend time working on the client’s energy body while they lie on the table. I generally work quietly and place headphones on the client’s ears so that they can listen to some binaural beats that are designed to relax the client and allow them to maintain an expanded state of consciousness while the energetic work is taking place.
If sludgy, congested energy is detected in any of the seven chakras, I will spin the chakra counterclockwise to open it up. Once the energy is cleansed, the chakra is spun clockwise to rebalance the energy and reestablish the proper direction of spin. As I work, I might quietly describe what I am doing, or I might remain silent. The client, in the meantime, may experience warmth, tingling, emotional release or deep relaxation.
Although I am the only one visible there doing the work, it is believed that once someone is given the “rights of the shaman” as I have, there is a collaboration with the  shamans of the ages who come to participate in the healing process.   I am in many ways act as a conduit for the healing work to take place.
At the end of the session I will close my Wirracocha and the sacred space
I then will encourage my client to slowly sit up and we discuss what took place, possibly giving my client exercises to practice at home that will assist in their healing process.
In the days that follow a healing session, my client may feel unusually tired or need more quiet time as releasing and energy shifting continue. The transformative experience of healing is reflected in every aspect of life – relationships, diet, job, marriage, how you relate to your children, as well as how you experience wellness and illness.

I was admitted into my 9th treatment for addiction in October 2010 and was assigned Renée as my counsellor. It was clear from the very start that she was not going to tolerate my addictive behaviour and in a very matter of fact way, explained that she would shine a spot light on the parts of my illness which needed exposing. I had hit rock bottom in terms of my using of crystal meth and other drugs and was willing to follow direction. I wanted recovery – and Renée explained that she “knew the quickest route” and that I needed to trust her. But it’s hard to trust anyone when you come from a place of severe dysfunction and chaotic relationships caused by years of drug abuse. She was not subtle...and for this I am incredibly grateful, because my life had reached a terminal stage in unmanageability.
I went to a prominent boy’s school and had a bright future ahead of me. I never expected nor intended to end up as a drug dealer, trafficking drugs overseas and ending up in Pollsmoor Prison. My family had disowned me and I spent months in a chemically induced psychosis from which I very narrowly escaped. In one year I went from earning top money in a dynamic job, travelling overseas, to sleeping in the back of a broken down bakkie on the side of the streets. I did not need subtlety – I needed help. Direct. Harsh. Real. It was the end of the line for me. So I began to trust Renée and began to learn to first let go of the addictive ways which were keeping me locked inside a repetitive nightmare, and then learn new ways of living in recovery from addiction.
She has been the one person who has been able to show me how to respond in a significantly different and vital way to life without the use of mind or mood altering chemicals. I have had such amazing results with Renée that I have continued my sessions with her on a private basis. She has walked me through the end of an incredibly abusive relationship, through court cases, through my fears of creating new opportunities in work and dealing with stress. She continually reminds me that there is a path which leads directly to health and recovery, reminding me that she knows the way, and that any diversion from the path, will waste time. Time is something which is incredibly valuable to me today – as I know too well the pain of wasted years spent in addictive torment.
Tools given by my work with Renee have granted me freedom from deeply ingrained behaviours and allowed me so much more time and energy to enjoy my life. Renée teaches me that if it’s not’s not spiritual. Together we continue to build a practical tool kit which I use on a daily basis.

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