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EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE (EFT)  is an easy, safe and simple technique used for reducing the intensity of negative emotions.
It is a self help practice that once taught can be used anytime to balance emotions.
EFT is known as emotional acupuncture. It is based on Eastern medicine.
It is based on the idea that we have energy lines running through the body called meridians.
When we have a strong emotional reaction or disturbance this is due to a disruption in our energy
EFT uses tapping on the areas of our body where these meridian lines are closest to the surface of
the skin.
When we tap on these areas we find that the emotional intensity reduces and we can return to a
state of emotional equilibrium and calm.

"I owe a huge part of my success through my 5 years of recovery to Renee. She helped me break the denial that barred me from having a meaningful life. I learnt to trust and take responsibility and I continue to gain support and insight from her." -Grateful Addict

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