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Treatment Approach:

I partner with my clients so that we can move towards their own life goals.

I encourage clients to come to terms with their life experiences in a meaningful way and to learn to use those experiences to facilitate growth, expansion and change.

I offer an honest, grounded and practical approach to dealing with life.

I provide an opportunity for my clients to explore their difficulties and to find harmonious and workable solutions, in a supportive and non-judgemental environment.

I encourage my clients to recognize their skills and strengths so as to develop their self worth and self esteem.

My focus is on developing and enhancing the skills necessary to achieve live a fulfilled life, such as:

  • emotional tolerance, regulation and management

  • conflict management

  • interpersonal skills and relationship management

  • understanding and setting appropriate boundaries

  • stress management

  • self awareness

  • self acceptance

  • self love

I encourage my clients to develop self compassion and love without collapsing into a victim mentality.

Our focus on the "here and now", while at the same time fully embracing and coming to terms with our life experiences.

I respect my clients confidentiality at all times.

I met Renee while in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

I am now 4 years clean, and therapy sessions with her have quite literally saved my life

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