Renee Shearing | Addictions, eating disorder, trauma, TRE provider


Individual Counselling
(R660 per hour)

I have a therapeutic practice in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town as well as in Noordhoek where I can meet with individuals for short, medium or long term counselling

EMDR sessions (R660 per hour)

I offer EMDR as a very effective non cognitive approach to processing trauma.

This is a highly recommended modality with regards to trauma work.

We would work together for at least 6-8 sessions if we were working with a single incident trauma.

TRE® sessions (R660 per hour)

I offer one to one Trauma/Tension Release Exercises (TRE®) training. This trains individuals to use the TRE® technique. TRE®is a self-help tool assisting the body to recovery from stress and trauma. It usually takes between 4-8 sessions before someone is competent to continue with TRE® independently. 

Skype or Telephone Consultation (R660 per hour)

For those individuals who would find accessing my practice difficult, I also offer a service of Skype or telephone consultation.

Assessment of Treatment Requirements and Treatment Interventions (R660 per hour)

For those individuals or family members who may feel that they or their family member benefit from formalised psychiatric or alcohol or drug treatment, I am able to assist in exploring this as an option.

Family work (R660 per hour)

Although in most cases my focus is on individual work, individuals do not exist in isolation and often family involvement and counselling can be a very helpful part in treatment.

I often work with couples and families when this is necessary and appropriate in the treatment of the individual.

Group work (fees on request)

I have extensive experience with group work and although my current focus is not on group work, I do have the facility and the skills to do group work whenever this would be appropriate or necessary.

Linking to Other Health Professionals

Whenever appropriate I will be able to link individuals to any treatment professional necessary in order to deal with their problem effectively.

Professional Supervision (R660 per hour)

I offer supervision to other health professionals working in the area of mental health and addiction